Choosing the Right Graphical Game for You Now

Field of view is a setting that depends on each game and also on each user. This value allows us to increase the angle of the game camera, using increases marked in degrees. The greater the field of view, the more peripheral vision we will have, but the center of the image will be seen further away, which can end up producing the infamous “fisheye” effect.

We must find the value that is most comfortable for us in each game. Its impact on performance can also vary for each individual game of 그래프사이.

Our recommendation:

It is best that you try each game as we have already said, although in most cases the optimal level is reached when reaching 105 degrees.

Video games and graphics settings

Along with these graphic adjustments there are other minor ones such as motion blur and depth, which generate a blur effect when moving the camera and when zooming. In general, they do not have a great impact on the performance of the computer and their effect at the graphic level can be good in some cases and annoying in others. the ideal is to activate or deactivate them according to our tastes.

In some games, such as Destiny 2, one of the graphical settings that has the most impact on performance is depth blur due to the technique used, so we recommend disabling it or adjusting it to the minimum.


Although he stumbled in, he not only recovered, but won the race. DriveClub is a great game with a spectacular level of detail, with hypnotic landscapes and a recreation of the rain that no one has yet managed to overcome. In addition, it managed to offer an excellent sense of speed even at 30 images per second.

Screen Space Reflection:

This option adds reflections and lighting effects in addition to the pre-calculated effects. This effect makes it possible to improve reflections in reflective spaces (puddles, mirrors, etc.) but and to make illuminated objects and textures sharper.

Adjust your settings manually: the best, but no miracle

In conclusion, on a machine that runs correctly, to favor performance, it is possible to pass certain parameters from the Ultra setting to the High setting: this will have a limited impact on the quality of the image while providing a big gain in fluidity. Applications like GeForce Experience allow you to obtain optimized settings in just a few clicks. On a machine that is already suffering in high details, most of these changes will only save you a few frames, time to make your machine last as long as possible before considering buying a new PC or a graphics card. The options to be reduced or disabled first are shadows, motion blur, depth of field, dynamic effects, and supersampling (SSAA).

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