Choosing Your Options for the Best Product Review

More and more
customers nowadays share their experiences online, solicited and unsolicited.
It is often about products and customer service. This content is not only on
social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. They are also featured on
review sites, blogs and forums discussions. This flow of messages is
continuous, dynamic and ready to be used by marketing professionals.

Now that the
feedback mainly takes place online, a frequently asked question is: how do you
deal with the impact and how do you increase the number of positive reviews?

The Right Component                    

It’s an
important component that influences purchasing behavior, because according to
Google’s numbers, 82 percent of smartphone users turn to their mobile to make a
purchase decision while in a store. Many organizations wrongly think that the
internet is full of complaints and irritations from unreasonable people who
need a place to ventilate. This was more the case ten years ago, when it was
not yet common to give your feedback online and advise peers. At that time we
already saw polarized opinions on different topics, but with a strong
inclination towards the negative. In 2008, the sentiment distribution of social
analyzes averaged 60% negative, 30% positive and 20% neutral. For the product reviews
this is important.

  • Now it is much more common to
    give our opinion online and we are happy to share positive experiences that can
    help other people. The distribution has therefore been reversed to 60% positive,
    30% negative and 20% neutral. Of course this differs greatly from industry to
    industry and negative sentiment skyrockets in the event of errors or incidents.

The negative
side of reviews is that people generally do not post a review as quickly as the
experience with the product or service is ‘just’ positive. Usually they only
write if they are very positive or very negative. This can cause a distorted
picture. Businesses also suffer longer from negative reviews. Nevertheless,
negative reviews are important for an objective picture. Consumers become
suspicious if you only find positive reviews about you. Research also shows
that negative reviews can work positively. Negative reviews are an excellent
opportunity for you to show you how you deal with this as a company. As a
company, do you respond professionally with a good solution for the customer?
Then you can turn the negative review into a positive feeling with the

The importance of reviews, fast delivery and
second-hand products

The customer
experience does not stop when a product is purchased. Careful delivery, free
returns and quick product repairs are extremely important. And exactly at those
moments, webshops fail madly. Fast handling also applies to handling
complaints, offering options and returning products quickly. The challenge is
still do everything for a smile as the organization continues to grow rapidly.

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