Goat Milk Choices You Can Go For Now

Breastfeeding is best for your baby. If that is not an option, fortunately there is good and safe bottle feeding. Which food do you choose when? Bottle feeding is food that you give to your baby through the bottle. This may be expressed breast milk, but bottle feeding usually refers to formula. That’s what we mean by it.

Breastfeeding is best for your baby, your own or another mother’s. The composition of breastfeeding is the starting point for bottle feeding, although complete counterfeiting will never be possible.

On the packaging you can read exactly what kind of food it is. The official name for formula is:

  • Infant formula (for babies up to 6 months, number 1 on the package)
  • Follow-on formula (for babies older than 6 months)

Please note: With each brand number 1 is intended for babies up to 6 months. For older babies, the numbers sometimes differ by brand.

What is standard in bottle feeding?

You usually buy formula as a powder. You dissolve that in warm (boiled and then cooled) water. The milk powder comes from cow’s milk or sometimes goat’s milk.

Because regular milk is dangerous for babies, it is processed first. Then the milk is evaporated and all kinds of substances are added. There are about 100 ingredients in formula, including the mandatory substances: vitamins, minerals and choline and inositol. The use of the holle organic goat milk comes up with huge benefits.

What else is allowed in bottle feeding?

Manufacturers may voluntarily add some substances to formula. This is only allowed if it has been clearly demonstrated that the substances are safe and they have been included in the law.

These non-mandatory substances are not necessarily necessary, according to the European Food Authority EFSA. For example, it concerns GOS, FOS or nucleotides. What and how much of the substances may be in bottle feeding is all set by law.

What are the differences between A and private labels?

The most striking difference is the price. A-brand formula is almost twice as expensive as private labels. If you opt for bottle feeding based on goat’s milk, you will lose at least 4 times as much. Qualitatively, however, all brands are almost the same. This is because there are strict requirements for the composition and safety of bottle feeding.

Is an expensive brand better than a cheaper brand?

No, an expensive brand is no better than a cheaper (house) brand. There are other reasons why premium brands are more expensive. For example, manufacturers of baby food formula invest a lot of money in research and product development. It is not only for ‘normal’ babies, but also for premature or sick babies.

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