Success of Your Site: The Best Backlinks for You

Business communication via the Internet (social networks, etc.) is becoming more and more vital for the company and eventually without this communication channel the message loses its value and seems unimportant in the eyes of Internet users.

Net Linking

The backlinking strategy is to get backlinks from quality external sites. A backlink is a hypertext link placed on the page of an “external” site which points to a page of your site in order to improve the referencing of a site. The objective of a backlinking strategy is simply to promote your site on the Internet by improving its popularity and therefore its visibility with users interested in the content of your site.

The backlinking is one of the basic activities of an SEO. It is therefore not advisable to go “hunting” “for backlinks as this could seriously damage the reputation of the company: You have to be as NATURAL as possible.


Accessibility can be seen as an action aimed at making web content understandable through text analysis software.

The accessibility of your website is a point often put aside by companies in order to index its site on the various search engines and yet it is indeed one of the most important points for the natural referencing of your site and its optimization. It also helps get better conversion rates for your business.

To check accessibility of your website, many criteria are required such as data management (page size, website compression, page layout and page download time), server configuration and compatibility. As you buy backlinks   you can expect the best results with it.


We have just seen that links are very important for good SEO, but trust is just as important. No one can predict what can happen with search engines. You can’t predict exactly what your next move will be, and no one is really immune. Even web giants like eBay can fall victim to Google’s bad mood (the cost of this penalty was then estimated at over $ 200 million last year). You must therefore prevent such a thing from happening to your site. There are several actions you can take to help protect your site against future algorithm updates.

Search engines do not penalize sites that they do trust. The trust is a major element of SEO, probably right after the links. It is this element that will help you ensure the sustainability of your web traffic.

Here are some characteristics that often distinguish good sites from poor ones in Google’s eyes. First of all you have to be easily reachable, using a contact page or a contact form. Don’t forget the About page. Indeed many companies neglect this aspect. This is very useful, it provides your visitors with important information about you and it helps build trust.


If you have social networks, it is strongly recommended that you link them to your site. This will allow you to confirm that there is a real business looking to promote their brand behind the site in question. These are all easily identifiable signals to help Google draw the line between good quality sites and low quality ones.

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